Mystery Photo

How well do you know your historic sites?! Each month a different photo of a historic site is featured here.  Photographs are typically provided by GTC members.


Photo credit:  GTC member Dave Richmond

The following clues should help get you started:

    • This town was established in 1883, with about 150 people by 1884, with a peak of 300 some years later.
    • A 20-stamp mill was constructed to service the nearby mine.
    • A 4500′ long wire, steam powered tramway connected the mine to the mill.
    • The mill processed 150 tons of ore a day.
    • Over the course of time, it had a large hotel, a post office, many cabins and a stage coach station.
    • Eventually, a railroad terminal was built in the town to bring refined ore to market.

Can you identify the mystery photo!? Please email us your guess!

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