Don’t delay – join the Ghost Town Club of Colorado today!

Benefits of Membership include:

GTC pickaxe image nobkgd  Attend meetings and field trips
GTC pickaxe image nobkgd  Meet new people, and foster new friendships
GTC pickaxe image nobkgd  Learn about Colorado, and western history
GTC pickaxe image nobkgd  Help make a difference with our Preservation efforts
GTC pickaxe image nobkgd  NEW! Gain access to the Members Only area of our webpage

Step 1: Make your check payable to: “Ghost Town Club of Colorado” for $40.00 (cost of annual membership dues)

Step 2: Mail your check to the following address:

Ghost Town Club of Colorado
Attn: New Membership Coordinator
6922 East Vassar Avenue
Denver, CO 80224

Step 3: Fill out the membership form below. We’ll keep it on file until we receive your check.

If you prefer to send us your membership application in paper form, include the requested information below, along with your check.

Questions?  Please send us an email, or call us at 303-263-1672

Exploration, enjoyment, and preservation of historic sites

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