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For many of us, field trips are a highlight of GTC membership. The office of GTC Vice President carries the responsibility for coordinating certain aspects of field trips. Even though many of our traditional field trips are not looking possible right now, we want to preserve the spirit of field trips and encourage planning and dreaming about field trips for the future.

What kind of field trip captures your imagination…could it be one of the trips on the list in the Gazette, a recent Club newsletter…a trip to a ghost town you have never visited…or maybe a favorite GTC trip from the past that is worth doing again?  Also, even though we can’t visit a particular place in person, we might be able to visit it online, participate in an online event, or read information about a particular ghost town or related subject. In this spirit, we hope members will choose to share online event notices and other links about ghost towns as well as your field trip dreams or ideas.

We have enjoyed the many things that members have submitted to the Gazette the last few months and look forward to other interesting written articles, or email submissions, especially those about ghost towns. Contact us via email if you have suggestions.

We all know that Colorado is a magnificent place to live. But, did you know that there are 25 National Historic Landmark sites in Colorado?

Plus, 3 historic areas within the National Parks in Colorado. Take a look at these amazing historic places right in our backyard! List of National Historic Landmarks in Colorado.

Also, discover Colorado through History Colorado!
Through a network of museums, History Colorado shares the stories of Colorado’s past—its people, its places, and the events that have shaped the sweep of human history. Click to see the list of museums.

Tell us about the places you’ve explored! Send us an email and with your permission, we’ll share your suggestions and experiences on this webpage for other members to enjoy.