(Notes Only: Mystery Photo Winners 2022)

January: (no mystery photo)

February: Photo of Holy Cross City by Josh Robinson, identified by Ashley Doty

March: Photo of Keota submitted by Ashley Doty, identified by Megan Falzon

April: Photo of Swandyke submitted by Megan Falzon, identified by Ron Ruhoff

May/June: Photo of Belden (Gilman) submitted by Ron Ruhoff, identified by Zona Fowler

July: Photo of Tin Cup submitted by Zona Fowler

Located in Gunnison County at an elevation of 10,160′
Technically speaking the town is a ghost, however it does still have a few year-round residents.
It was originally named something different than what we know it as today.
The town was named in after a certain device that one particular prospector used to carry his gold back to camp.





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