Mystery Photos

Do you know where in Colorado the photo below was taken?

It isn’t exactly a historical building, but it marks a historic place where a very special visitor made a stop in Colorado. Plus, it ties in to our collective love of railroads.

Email us your guess. We’ll also ask for your ideas at the upcoming meeting. Who knows – you may even earn a prize for a correct guess!

Got a mystery photo you’d like to contribute for next month? Email it to us!

Mystery Photo March 2018.jpeg

Did you know?

During the first three meetings of the Club back in 1958 when organizers were trying to decide on a name for the club, one lone stranger kept insisting that “toll roads” be added to the name. Finally Ghost Town Club of Colorado was “railroaded” through. In December 1963, the Club was legally incorporated with the Secretary of State.

First dues for the Club were $1 a year. In 1979, dues were $5 a year. Slowly postage, printing, insurance and rent have caused minimal increases. It’s been many a year since we had to raise the dues, and as Dick Ramsey says, “It’s still the best bargain in town.”