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Thanks to ED and LEE on GTC website!
Recently through the website email, the Club received an inquiry asking if anyone could provide information on John Quincy Adams Rollins. The person inquiring was a distant relative and came across a reference to Colorado. Lee, who watches the website inquiries, immediately forwarded the request to Ed. Not only was Ed familiar with J.Q.A. Rollins, he provided lots of information and even copied a six page article and sent it to the inquirer. Thanks to Ed and Lee for responding and having a great website!

Job Jar

Job Jar

We can all do something to help the club. Get involved! The efforts of each club member contribute to our success and frankly just makes participating so much more fun. Sign up and make a difference! You’ll get better acquainted and it will make you feel good to know you’re contributing to the well being and longevity of the club.

Collectively we can contribute to make the club vibrant, healthy, and active!

GTC Members

Do you have a program idea? Do you know someone who can provide an interesting program? Do you want to present a program?

Are you planning to lead a field trip? Do you want to lead a field trip, and need someone to help you with it? If someone has a field trip idea, would you like to help with it?

If your answer is “Yes!” to any of these queries, contact us.

If you are planning a field trip, be sure and clear the date with one of the Vice Presidents before making your final plans or reservations. Others may be planning trips at the same time and this will avoid conflicts.

The Steering Committee produced a book on “How to Lead a Field Trip” several years ago and copies are available at the meetings.

donation-iconPreservation Funds


In 2019 GTC made a preservation donation to The Trust for Land Restoration. TLR is a non-profit made up of a team of dedicated professionals from environmental consulting, law, conservation, business, government relations, and public policy, who have chosen to give back by donating time and talent to help the communities TLR serves. This is especially important because so many of the communities TLR works with are small, Western Slope towns with limited financial resources.

TLR sent a letter to Jim and Jo for GTC saying they have brokered a deal in which Newmont Corporation has donated the four remaining houses located at the Idarado overlook on US 550 between Ouray and Silverton. The houses were originally built in Eureka (northeast of Silverton) before 1920. After Eureka was abandoned, ten of the houses were hauled in 1948, one at a time over unpaved Red Mountain Pass and placed on the hillside overlooking the Idarado operation. When the Idarado shut down in 1978, the ten houses were abandoned and today only four remain. TLR plans to stabilize, restore, preserve and protect the houses to be a focus of historic interest and a major part of the Million Dollar Highway/San Juan Scenic Byway for generations to come.

Many Ghost Towners remember meeting and working with Bev Rich from Silverton and the San Juan Historical Society Bev serves as Secretary of TLR and has been instrumental in the incredible work of TLR. Many of their projects are very familiar to Ghost Towners, such as Ironton, the Garard property, the Yankee Girl, the Mountaintop Mine in Governor Basin, Guston Depot, Corkscrew Turntable and many other sites in San Juan, Ouray and San Miguel Counties.

The TLR website provides very interesting information on the projects they are working on. Check out

A Note From The Preservation Committee

Funds are raised each year to be distributed to worthy 501(c)3 organizations that are involved in preserving the history of Colorado and other worthy projects in the West. We have application forms we can e-mail you and we always have them with us at meetings.

For 2020, the Officers and Board of Ghost Town Club have awarded a donation from the Preservation Fund to each of the following organizations:

  • Fort Uncompahgre on the Old Spanish Trail Interpretive Center, Delta, Colorado. They have many goals including connecting the Old Spanish Trail to the River Trail, native seed plots, Ute Council Tree and Wiki-up site.
  • Cross Orchards Historic Site, Grand Junction, Colorado. Many current projects include replacing deteriorated wooden walkways, work on the historic barn and other immediate needs.
  • Friends of New Raymer, Inc. They are working to restore the Star Filling station known locally as Texaco/Center Street, to allow a glimpse into the settler’s lives.
  • Temple Aaron of Trinidad, Colorado. Oldest synagogue in Colorado. Need funds for repair roof, add heating, etc.
  • Rio Blanco Historical Society, Meeker, Colorado. Continued maintenance and preservation of the Milk Creek Battle Site (a/k/a Meeker Massacre site)

What is the Ghost Town Club of Colorado’s Preservation Fund and how can I help?

The Ghost Town Club of Colorado is dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of ghost towns, mining camps and historic sites. To accomplish this goal, the club created a Preservation Fund to help support numerous preservation projects. Because we are a non-profit organization, we are able to earmark 100 percent of all donations directly to qualified projects protected by a non-profit preservation society.

The Ghost Town Club of Colorado also contributes to the preservation of historical sites by direct involvement in work days. All members who are interested in working on preservation projects have the opportunity to have a “hands on” experience by volunteering their time and labor to help preserve historic sites.

If you’re interested in making a donation to the Ghost Town Club of Colorado Preservation Fund, please email us.

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