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Campfire in SloveniaThe Ghost Town Ghost Story Contest

In the October Gazette last year, I offered you my personal supernatural ghost town story. I know through private conversations that some of you have had inexplicable experiences as well, so let’s hear them. Share your personal story and email it to Ethan Knightchilde by September 15. The best among the submissions will appear in the October Gazette and its writer may receive a prize.


Your story: 1) must involve a ghost town; 2) must be non-fiction; 3) must be unique; and 4) must be submitted no later than September 15.


1) The story does not need to involve a club trip. Any ghost town visit at any time will do.
2) A creaky door at the Brown Palace in Denver does not count, but an icy hand on your shoulder while visiting the location of a necktie party in Shakespeare, NM definitely does.
3) If you have a good fictional story, you are welcome to submit it. However only non-fiction stories will be considered for this year’s contest.
4) I urge you to reach back into your school training and present a polished story that is both descriptive and suspenseful for the reader. Note that it must be of a length suitable for publication in the Gazette. Submissions requiring less editing time from me get bonus points.
5) Presentation of a prize, as well as its nature, is dependent on receiving a minimum number of entries.
6) If you submit a tale but do not get a reply from me, please reach out via phone or email. If you are using USPS rather than email, be sure to keep a copy for yourself as a safety against loss or damage in transit.

Job JarJob Jar

We can all do something to help the club. Get involved! The efforts of each club member contribute to our success and frankly just makes participating so much more fun. Sign up and make a difference! You’ll get better acquainted and it will make you feel good to know you’re contributing to the well being and longevity of the club.

Collectively we can contribute to make the club vibrant, healthy, and active!

GTC Members

Do you have a program idea? Do you know someone who can provide an interesting program? Do you want to present a program?

Are you planning to lead a field trip? Do you want to lead a field trip, and need someone to help you with it? If someone has a field trip idea, would you like to help with it?

If your answer is “Yes!” to any of these queries, contact us.

If you are planning a field trip, be sure and clear the date with one of the Vice Presidents before making your final plans or reservations. Others may be planning trips at the same time and this will avoid conflicts.

The Steering Committee produced a book on “How to Lead a Field Trip” several years ago and copies are available at the meetings.


Ghosts of the West: Tales and Legends from the Bonanza Trail by E. S. Knightchilde

(This was the prize presented to Ron Ruhoff at the May meeting for his winning entry in the Transcontinental Railroad story contest.)

Unlike the “Images of America” series or other books centered strictly on history or travel itineraries, my new book relates stories (and facts) of discoveries, boom towns, bust times, and ghost towns of the Old West (with some extras about lost mines and modern day stories). It is partially based on the film Ghosts of the West and its follow-up currently in production, as well as the lecture I presented in Niwot, Estes Park, and Boulder over the 15 months.

The book has full color covers, 128 b/w pages, and dozens of historical and contemporary images from Colorado, California, Nevada, and other western states.

While the hardcover edition should be in print by the time you read this, the softcover will not be available until August 14. However, I have a limited number of copies of both on hand. For more info and to see the cover, please visit or email me directly at (I recommend you check out the product listing on the web site first as it might answer some of your questions up front. There are also some special combo prices listed.)

donation-iconPreservation Funds

Nominations for Preservation Funds: It’s time to think about making nominations for worthy sites to receive Preservation Funds. If you want to nominate a worthy site, please contact Jim or Jo Bell for a nomination form. Call them at 303.772.5454 or send them an email. Grants will be made soon!

For 2019, the Officers and Board of Ghost Town Club have awarded a donation from the Preservation Fund to each of the following organizations:

  • Trust for Land Restoration in San Juan and San Miguel Counties for continued work on historical sites
  • Rimrockers Historical Society for further work on Uravan and the Museum
  • Friends of Raymer for Restoration of Centre Avenue
  • Rio Blanco Historical Society to maintain site of Battle of Mill Creek near Meeker
  • Temple Aaron in Trinidad

What is the Ghost Town Club of Colorado’s Preservation Fund and how can I help?

The Ghost Town Club of Colorado is dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of ghost towns, mining camps and historic sites. To accomplish this goal, the club created a Preservation Fund to help support numerous preservation projects. Because we are a non-profit organization, we are able to earmark 100 percent of all donations directly to qualified projects protected by a non-profit preservation society.

The Ghost Town Club of Colorado also contributes to the preservation of historical sites by direct involvement in work days. All members who are interested in working on preservation projects have the opportunity to have a “hands on” experience by volunteering their time and labor to help preserve historic sites.

If you’re interested in making a donation to the Ghost Town Club of Colorado Preservation Fund, please email us.