Club Officers

2021 Officers, Board of Directors, and Committee Chairs

President: Shirley Miller
Vice Presidents: Roger Callender and Shannon Kanan
Recording Secretary: Sally Alt and Cyndi Trombly
Membership & Correspondence: Virginia Fett
Treasurer: Pegi Emmett
2020-2022 Board Members: Darrell Arndt, Chandra Chuvarsky, Merrill Emmett,  Ethan Knightchilde , Mary Ann McCubbin, and Cyndi Trombly

Committee Chairs
Archivist/Historian: Merrill Emmett
Calling: Ed Bathke
Gazette: Joanie Fields
Greeters: Connie Martinez and John Martinez
House: John Dillavou
Preservation Fund: Jim Bell and Jo Bell
Refreshments: Jane Elliott and Barbara Dillavou
Preservation Drawing: Gary Wallden
Steering Committee: Rotating Chairs – Barbara & John Dillavou, Merrill & Pegi Emmett, Jane Engle, Virginia Fett, Shannon Kanan, Don & Mary Anne McCubbin, Shirley Miller and Cyndi Trombly, Jason Messing, and Josh Robinson
Website: Lee Dahl

We are grateful for the efforts of the above club members.

You can help the club too! Each of us can contribute to the success of the club and our fun loving spirit. Sign up and make a difference. You’ll get better acquainted and it will make you feel good to know you’re contributing to the well being of the club. Collectively we can contribute to make the club vibrant, healthy and active!

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