The 2017 Officers and Board of Directors are:


President:                                               Gary Coffey

Vice President:                                       Lee Dahl and Ron Ruhoff

Recording Secretary:                             Joanie Fields

Membership & Correspondence:           Virginia Fett

Treasurer(1st year of 2 year term):               Pegi Emmett


2016-2017 Board Members:  

                                                   Emily Andrykowski, Roger Callender and Lee Dahl


2017-2018  Board Members  

                                                               Rory Andrykowski, Jim Bell, Jo Bell


Committee Chairs:

   Archivist/Historia                              Merrill Emmett


   Calling                                                 Ed Bathke


   Gazette                                                Joanie Fields


   Greeters                                               Bob Davee &   Betty Davee


    House                                                 John Dillavou


    Preservation Fund                              Jim & Jo Bell


    Preservation   Drawing                                                                   



     Steering                                              Mary Anne McCubbin, chair

                                                                 Lee Dahl

                                                                 Cyndi Trombly

                                                                 Barbara Dillavou

                                                                 Joanie Fields
                                                                 Shannon Kanan
                                                                 Merrill Emmett

                                                                 John Dillavou

                                                                 Shirley Miller

                                                                  Jane Engle



Website                                                    Lee Dahl and Ron Ruhoff





Everyone can do something!  

The efforts of each person make the Club function as a whole...Sign up and make a difference!  You’ll get better acquainted and it will make you feel good to know you’re contributing to the well being of the Club !  It’s fun!  It’s invigorating!  It’s what makes the Club continue to be vibrant, healthy and active !

Capitol Dome Restoration Project receives Ghost Town Club support

Some describe the state capitol as its own small town. Others describe the capitol’s dilapidated dome as a ghost of its former self.  Still, a few eyebrows were raised recently when the Ghost Town Club of Colorado presented a check for $500 to former U.S. Sen. Hank Brown, honorary chair of “Share in the Care Colorado,” the State Capitol Dome Restoration Project.

“Our club was founded in 1958,” explained Lee Dahl, current Ghost Town Club president.  “Although we still love visiting and learning about Colorado’s ghost towns, our interests have expanded to include all aspects of western history.  We share the fun of learning and exploring.”

An important aspect of the club is its support of historic preservation.  It annually donates to projects nominated by its members.  Club members have also helped with work days and other “hands on” preservation efforts around Colorado.

The club meets 10 times a year, plus an annual banquet and picnic.  Meetings feature programs by local historians, some of whom are also club members.  It also takes frequent field trips.  “We are a diverse group that likes to have a good time while sharing our interest in western history,” Dahl said. 

                A BIT OF GTC HISTORY…..

During the first three meetings of the Club back in 1958 when organizers were trying to decide on a name for the club, one lone stranger kept insisting that “toll roads” be added to the name.  Finally Ghost Town Club of Colorado was “railroaded” through.  In December 1963, the Club was legally incorporated with the Secretary of State.


First dues for the Club were $1 a year; when I joined in 1979, dues were $5 a year.  Slowly postage, printing, insurance and rent have caused minimal increases.  It’s been many a year since we had to raise the dues,  and as Dick Ramsey says:  “It’s still the best bargain in town”.